What comes next for TCB?

I’m pretty sure no one is watching this space right now, but in case you are I wanted to let you in on what comes next for The Chatter Box in 2018.

My plans are to set up a new discussion forum and a new video tube site to watch, share, and discuss all kinds of clips and videos like:

  • TV and movie clips & trailers
  • music videos
  • funny videos
  • video game clips & previews
  • sports clips
  • news clips

Basically if it’s any kind of video worth watching and sharing and discussing with friends we will probably have it, and if we don’t have it you can add it yourself!

and now YOU know, but…


for now it’s our little secret…

See you soon 😀



PS – If I can find a decent arcade script we will have one of those again as well!